Quake 2 Tutorials

These tutorials were done with Worldcraft, Qoole, qED and QERadiant.

You can only associate one entity (such as func_door or func_train) to a brush or group of brushes. Quake2 will not allow more than one entity per bmodel.

Download the tutorials from here

To help find what you're looking for, we have arranged the tutorials into groups.

[ FUNC_ ] - [ TARGET_ ] - [ TRIGGER_ ]

[ MISC_ ] - [ Construction Tutorials]


func_areaportals Helps to keep the r_speeds down
func_explosive A way to blow up a door or a window
func_rotating Make a cool fan or a nasty trap
func_door Making doors and special platforms
func_door_rotating Make doors that rotate rather than just slide open
func_plat Simple platforms/elevators
func_water Used to flood or drain rooms with water or lava
func_train Moving platforms, machinery, etc
func_timer timed control for targets like sparks or sounds
func_button use this to get a button to open a door
func_object A brush that falls when it's support is removed
func_wall A brush that can be used to block/unblock passages in dm/sp and other goodies



target_crosslevel_target A target for cross-map triggers.
target_crosslevel_trigger A trigger for cross-map targets.
target_earthquake Place a earthquake effect in your Quake2 level
target_spawner A way to drop any entity in a map with a simple trigger
target_lightramp A controlling entity for fading lights in and out
target_speaker Get them cool sounds in your level
target_laser How to make those cool light beams
target_help Add the help messages to your single player map


trigger sounds Make sounds play at certain points in your level
trigger_monsterjump make a monster jump over an object in it's path
trigger_key How to lock those doors
trigger_counter Used to combine multiple actions to one target
trigger_once Used to fire a target only once, usually by the player walking through a trigger brush
trigger_multiple Used to fire a target repeatedly, usually by the player walking through a trigger brush
trigger_push An invisible brush that pushes (or pulls) the player along.



misc_stroggship The large ship that flies by in map base1
misc_teleporter/teleporter_dest Beam me up!
misc_teleporter/teleporter_dest/func_explosion A unique combo of these 3 entities from Pax.
misc_satellite_dish A satellite dish :)
misc_blackhole 3 large rings which look insane
misc_ctf_banner Decorative team banners for CTF maps
misc_ctf_small_banner Smaller banner for CTF maps
misc_deadsoldier The dead guy you can use in your maps
misc_insane The crazy captured guys.
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