Show up with a BOOM!

Here’s a small tutorial of a quite simple trick that I’ve never seen in a level before. If somebody already used it I apologize for claming to be the inventor ;)              …so what does it do?

Well, by adding two entities to the "misc_teleporter, misc_teleporter_dest" concept it will get a little more spectacular.

1.Make a room with light and a info_player_start.

2. Place a misc_teleporter and a misc_teleporter_dest and link them with target and targetname.

3.Create a target_explosion and place it right above the misc_teleporter_dest.
Give it a targetname like "boom".Set the delay to about 0.2 and the dmg to 0 (if you set the dmg to a value above 0 you will take damage when teleporting to that destination)

4.Create a small brush (preferably with the trigger texture) about 16x16x16 in size and place it 16 units above the misc_teleporter.

5.Make the brush a trigger_multiple and give it the target "boom". Set the delay to 0.2 and wait to 1.

 6.Compile the map and instead of just appearing at the misc_teleporter_dest you will show up in a BOOM.

 7.Still lost? Load up the example.

                                                                                    Happy Days
                                                                                   Johan "Pax" Steinholtz