A brush pushes the player along (like the wind tunnels in Quake1).

You can use trigger_pushes for a variety of things. The most common is the wind tunnel. Jim Lowell invented a really cool jump-lift back in the Quake1 days that used a trigger_push and a triggered door; it worked by jumping up into a little tube, being grabbed and pulled up by the trigger_push and then popping up through a door in the floor that would shut before you landed back down.

1.Firstly, create a good long sized room (300x1200x300) and place a info_player_start in there. Put a couple lights down its length.

2.Put a long hollow cylinder horizontally down the room. This will be your wind tunnel.

3.Inside the cylinder, place a long brush with the TRIG texture on it that goes from end to end. It doesnt have to completely fit the cylinder, but rather just enough that the player is always touching it when inside the tunnel.

4.Apply the trigger_push entity to this new brush. This will automatically cause it to not be drawn in the game. Give it a "speed" of "500" and a "angle" of "180". The speed is how fast you are pushed along and the angle is the direction that the brush pushes you.

*note* When I did the sample map for this tutorial, I wanted my brush to push WEST, or in normal Q1/Q2 directions, 180. However, it was backwards after compile. So for it to go west I had to set it at 360. Go figure.

5.Compile and run the map. When you step into the end of the tunnel you will be shoved all the way through to the other end.

You can set the trigger_push "spawnflags" to "1" for a 'push once' event, where it wont work after the player has gone through one time.

Here's an example map showing a trigger_push in action.

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