At first i thought this would be really tough to do but i found it very easy, these simple steps will have your whole level blowing up :))

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there.

2.Next create a brush that you would like to blow up (maybe a door or window).

3.Associate this brush with a "func_explosive" and give it the following settings.

"mass" "800"
"health" "10"
"dmg" "0"

4.You may want to compile your map and check it out in Quake2.

5.Hopefully everything would have gone okay and your brush exploded into little bit's once you shot it but you may have noticed that something was missing??, Noise!!!.

6.In Quake2 editing we have to associate alot of the sounds with events we make happen so we'll make the sound of breaking glass appear when the explosion happens.

7.In the options for the "func_explosive" give it a target key of "glass".

8.Now create a "target_speaker" and give it a targetname of "glass", this will tell Quake2 to play a sound when we shoot the brush.

9.We now have to tell it which .WAV to play so create a key of noise and it's noise will be "world/brkglas.wav".

10.That will tell Quake2 to look in the World directory of the sounds and play the breaking glass .wav, make sure you don't have the .WAV to be looped throughout the level.

That should have helped you create an exploding brush in your first Quake2 level,

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