1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there.

2.Create a door brush, and build a frame around it, closing it in.

3.Create an origin brush (using the origin texture and check the "origin" face property). The center of this brush will be the axis the door will rotate around. For this example, we'll make the door flip open, so put the origin brush lengthwise across the top of the door brush.

4.Apply the func_door_rotating to both the door and origin brushes.

5.You can now set the "angle", "speed", etc of the door. Here's a few settings:

"distance" . . . in degrees, how far you want the door to rotate.
" . . . you need to set which axis the door rotates on with this. If you're looking at the top-down view in your editor, Z (default axis, no spawnflags needed) will makes it spin horizontally; Y makes it rotate left/right; X makes it rotate top/bottom.

6.Refer to our entity list for more spawnflag settings for the rotating door.

7.Compile your map and check out your door.

Here's a sample map showing the rotating door example.


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