Drops any entity into your map

This is one of the most handy entities for making single player maps. Triggered by a trigger_once, a target_spawner can drop any entity into you map, from monsters to guns to health. In this example, we will make a simple room and a target_spawner that drops in an infantry monster.

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there.

2.Now put a target_spawner entity in at the opposite end from your info_player_start. Give the target_spawner a

"target" "monster_infantry"
"targetname"   "spawn" (this can be whatever you like, i.e. spawn1, spawn2, spawn3, etc to keep them organized when you have more than one).
"angle"  (to give the entity being spawned a direction), One more key value for the target_spawner is
"speed" (for use with goodies like gibs, so they can be thrown out in motion.)

3.Between you and the target_spawner, create a brush with the "trigger" texture on it, and apply the trigger_once entity to it. Give the trigger_once a "target" value of "spawn". This links the trigger_once to the target_spawner you just created.

4.Compile your map and check out the monster that suddenly appears before you when you walk across the room.

Here's a sample map showing this example.


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