When the rotating stuff was first introduced in the hipnotic addon pack alot of painstaking work went into making them work, well things have just gotten alot easier in Quake2 so follow this and we'll be done in know time.
(we'll make a fan in this lesson)

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there.

2.Now create 2 brushes that cross over like a + sign.

3.Create another brush in the center of the + but make sure it over laps the edges slightly.

4.Make sure this center brush has the origin texture on it as this will let Quake2 know where the center is.

5.Select all 3 brushes and associate them with a "func_rotating", you can specify the speed and have it to START_ON.

6.Compile your map and chack out your cool fan that you just made.

download this map example


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