A controlling entity for fading lights on and off.

The lightramp can be used to either brighten or dim lights, using a trigger and a light entity.

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there. Give the light a

"targetname"   "ramp1"
"spawnflags"  "1" (START OFF)

2.Place a trigger_once brush in the center of the room, give it the "target" value of "light1".

3.Place a target_lightramp in the room and give it a
"targetname"   "light1" (to match the trigger_once). Then,
"target" "ramp1" (to match the light entity).

4. Some key values for the target_lightramp are:

"speed" (the number of seconds for ramping)
(a two letter representation of the brightness, from a to m. i.e. am would go from dark to bright)

5. For this example, we'll make a light go from dark to bright. The light entity would have these key values:

"light" "300"
"targetname" "ramp1"
"spawnflags" "1" (start off)

6. Compile your map and watch the lights turn on when you cross the room.

Here's a sample map showing this example.


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