You can use func_walls in a variety of ways. In this tutorial, I'll show 2 ways, the first being to block or open up passages in deathmatch and the second being a wall that you can turn on and off with a button.

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place a info_player_start in there. Separate the room in half with another wall, but leave a 128x128 doorway in the middle. Place a light on both sides of the middle wall so you can see what the heck is goin on in there.

2.Create a brush that fits perfectly (well it doesn't have to) in the doorway and apply the func_wall entity to it.

3.Give the func_wall a "spawnflags" of "2048", which is 'dont appear if deathmatch'.

4.When you compile and run this map, if you are in normal single player mode, the wall will be there, blocking the door. If you switch to a deathmatch game (type "deathmatch 1" in the console and reload the map), it will be gone.

This is useful when making a single player map that you also want to be deathmatch; it allows you to open up alternate passages or doorways for the player to get around quicker for multiplayer.

1.The other thing we can do with this func_wall is to set it to be turned on and off by the push of a button. Remove the spawnflags setting from the func_wall brush and then set the following:

"targetname" "wall"
"spawnflags" "6"
('toggle' and 'start on')

2.Create a button somewhere in there and give it a "target" of "wall". Make sure you give it a "wait" of "3" and not "-1" so you can turn the wall on and off repeatedly.

3.Compile this version and run it. You will now be able to hit the button and watch the wall vanish and reappear.

Here's both example .maps showing all the above tutorials. funcwall.bsp is the dm/no dm one and funcwall2 is the button one.

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