Triggering Sounds

This is a great trick that will really bring your level to life.

1.Create a nice long slim room and place an info_player_start and a few lights in there.

2.Now make a brush which is 200x20x200 and give this the "Trigger" texture.

3.In your map create a "target_speaker" (Read about it here) and give it the .WAV of your choice.

4.We're going to link these 2 together so that when the brush is triggered the sound will play :)

5.Associate the brush you made with a "trigger_once" and give it these values

"delay" "0.1"
"target" "wav1"

6.Now fill these details in for the "target_speaker"

"noise" "world/amb8.wav"
"targetname" "wav1"

7.Thats all there is to it, compile your map and have a look at it in Quake2, walk past the area where you placed the trigger brush and you will here the .WAV being played, (assuming your speakers are on :-)

8.You can also use a "trigger_multiple in the same way as this if you like


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