About Us

Who are we? What do we do?

We some guys (Noel, Hal9000, LaRd, & Dejer) who have been running the Quake Workshop 2 since we opened on the 23rd December 1997.
The original site Quake Workshop was started by LaRd in February of '97 on his local ISP/personal webpage. About the same time Noel was running some editing help pages at his personal website too. They decided to merge them together, and headed for Quakemania.com, and then on to Brutality.com. We quickly moved to quake2.com when Brutality vanished from the DNS scene, and have happily edited and helped ever since.

We're just here to help people who are getting into level editing but we don't claim to be experts :).
So thats about all we can tell you but if for some strange reason you want to know more then feel free to get in touch with us.

Emailing The Workshop

We would like to ask everyone to please read through this short bit of info before sending off an email to us. We've been swamped since moving over here to Quake2.com! This is a good thing I assure you, but there are lots of questions coming in that can be answered either on our own page, or other Quake2 non-editing information sites.

If you wish to mail us, you can reach us all at: qworkshop
or, if you want to reach a certain person at the site you can do the individual thing here:

If you have any non-editing questions, such as helping set up LAN games, server connections, game troubleshooting, etc, please check one or more of these sites, as they handle all the general news about Quake and Quake2:

[ Quake2.com ] - [ Blue's News ] - [ RedWood's Quake Page]

Editing questions are more than welcome -- heck, it's why we're here! -- but be sure to check out all the information we have available on the site. There's a ton of information in the tutorials section, and more being added all the time.

Of course, if you simply want to pass along news, info, or a cool tutorial or editing tip, we'd love to have it. Please remember,

Please do not send us files without asking us first, if you have a leak in your map then you'll have to fix it yourself, any E-mails with files attached will be deleted.
we can not give out any troubleshooting info on general gameplay.

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