Make monsters jump to get over obstacles in their path.

Lets make a female monster wander around and jump over a box.

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there.

2.Place the monster_chick in a corner of the room. Give her a "target" of "path1."

3.Place a path_corner in each of the corners of the room. Each of these will be tied to each other with "target" and "targetname" key values. The target of the first one will be the targetname of the second. The target of the second will be the targetname of the third, and so on, until the last path_corner has the target of the first. An example, using 4 path_corners:

The monster

"classname" "monster_chick"
"origin" "128 128 128"
"angle" "90"
"target" "path1"

First path_corner

"classname" "path_corner"
"origin" "128 128 128"
"target" "path2"
"targetname" "path1"

Second path_corner

"classname" "path_corner"
"origin" "256 128 128"
"target" "path3"
"targetname" "path2"

Third path_corner

"classname" "path_corner"
"origin" "256 256 128"
"target" "path4"
"targetname" "path3"

Fourth path_corner

"classname" "path_corner"
"origin" "128 256 128"
"target" "path1"
"targetname" "path4"

4. Place a small obstacle in the middle of the path. On the side that the monster walks up to it, place a trigger brush and apply the trigger_monsterjump to it.

5. Set the trigger_monsterjump key values "speed" and "height" so the monster can make it over the obstacle. Default are 200/200, respectively.

6.Compile your map and check out your walking monster. If the monster doesn't quite make it over the obstacle, adjust the "speed" and "height" values, as well as the placement of the trigger brush.

Here's a sample map showing this example.


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