These are trickey to get going, but this short tutorial should clear things up a lot.

1.Firstly, create a pretty big outside area (512x512x512) and place your info_player_start in there. Create a long hollow brush on top of your outside area, and subtract the opening between them. Make sure this upper hollow brush extends far beyond the sides of your lower area. The ship must be concealed while it sits and waits at one end of its fly by.

2.Place the misc_stroggship entity at one end of the upper area, and be sure to rotate it so it's facing the correct way ("angle" keys do not affect it's direction). The default is for the ship to be pointing towards 90, or "up" when looking at your top-down editor window.

3.You will need at least 5 path_corners, 4 right near the misc_stroggship, and one at the far end of the flyby, at the opposite end of the upper area.

4.Place a trigger_always near the misc_stroggship.

5.Place a target_speaker near the misc_stroggship.

6.To simplify things a bit, here's a chart showing how all the entities are tied together to make the ship fly correctly:

The Ship, which is targeted to the first path_corner, and is triggered by the trigger_always.
"classname" "misc_stroggship"
"origin" "x x x"
"target" "path1"
"targetname" "always"
"spawnflags" "2048"

The trigger_always, which is targeted to the misc_stroggship. This starts the ship as soon as the level begins.
"classname" "trigger_always"
"target" "always"

The target_speaker, which is triggered by path_corner #3, and plays the flyby sound.
"classname" "target_speaker"
"noise" "world/flyby1.wav"
"attenuation" "-1"
"targetname" "sound"
"spawnflags" "2048"

path_corner #1, where the ship returns to after it's first flight.
"classname" "path_corner"
"target" "path1"
"targetname" "path5"
"spawnflags" "1"

path_corner #2, where the ship begins its first flight, and pauses for 10 seconds.
"classname" "path_corner"
"target" "path2"
"targetname" "path1"
"wait" "10"

path_corner #3, which triggers the target_speaker.
"classname" "path_corner"
"target" "path3"
"targetname" "path2"
"pathtarget" "sound"

path_corner #4, the ship pauses briefly here, for the sound event to be timed right.
"classname" "path_corner"
"target" "path4"
"targetname" "path3"
"wait" "1"

path_corner #5, this is the destination for the ship, across the sky, and sends it back to the first path_corner.
"classname" "path_corner"
"target" "path5"
"targetname" "path4"

Just keep in mind this simple method: The ship must be started with trigger_always, and goes from one path_corner to the next, each having a significant event. The first stop makes the ship wait 10 seconds; the second stop plays the flyby sound; the third stop makes the ship hesitate a second to sync the flyby sound up; the fourth stop is where the ship flies to; and the fifth stop is back where it flies from again.

Here's a sample map showing this example.


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