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The following are some of the more commonly requested tutorials on basic construction techniques. If you have a question about how to build or use a particular piece of architecture, email us and let us know and we'll get a tutorial posted for it.

Ladders Ladders need no explanation
Flowing Water How to make the water flow in a given direction
Clear/Breakable Glass Create transparent glass, both solid and shootable
Multi-Floor Elevator How to create an elevator that makes multiple stops
sky Get that damn cool sky in your level today
Rotating space texture Make your space rotate like the boss level in Quake2
path_corner Used to make a path for monsters to walk
Incremental Rotation make a rotating entity only turn a little bit each time it is triggered
HINT Brushes and Sky Bug Learn about seeing through sky brushes into rooms and using HINT brushes to stop it from messing you up.
Power Cubes Place power cubes into your level
Floating crates Make a crate float in water
Air Strike Make a viper plane drop it's bombs
Teaming entities What the team key does to func_trains
Crates on a conveyor belt have crates travelling along in your warehouse levels
Crate Crane A crane that carries a crate around. Also good for warehouse levels.
Gib Spin Crusher A spinning crusher that squashes the insane marines.
Gib Pipe Crusher A pipe crusher that spits out the insane marines as gibs.
Point_combats with monsters make a monster set the alarm off
Clip brushes Keep the player from getting caught on obstructions
Quake 1 style teleporter box An alternative to the standard Q2 teleporter
Keyed doors Use the door after it's been keyed open
Transistor-Like Logic Gates Sophisticated method of creating traps that require certain conditions met.
Force fields Force fileds
Hint Texture Written by Xian (id software)
Hint brushes a Graphical explanation on using the hint brush/texture
rotating_lights as seen in the xatrix mission pack
Exploding crate thing a crate will drop of an explosive charge
Lighting Your Map how to light up your map, using different methods
"Reflective" floors how to create the effect of a shiny, reflective floor
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