Make your level have the shakes with theis trick for putting an earthquake in your level

1.Make a Large sized room (500x500x500) and place an "info_plater_start" and some lights in there.

2.Now create a brush which covers the width of the level and give it the "trigger" texture.

3.associate this brush with a "trigger_once" or "trigger_multiple" a "target_earthquake" entity anywhere in the level and we'll now link these together to cause an earthquake.

5.give the "trigger_once" these values

"target" "quake"

"delay" "0.1"

6.Now give the "target_earthquake" the following values

"count" "5"

"speed" "200"

"targetname" "quake"

7.what this means is that when you walk past the brush with the trigger it will set of the earthquake for 5 seconds and it's secerity will be 200.

8.Quake2 put's the sound in for this so you don't have to worry about that :))

9.compile your map and go trecking through your earthquake.... can also link it to a "func_explosive" at the same time for a greater effect.

Example map

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