This is to explain how to use the 'trugger_key' entity in Quake2 maps.

1) Create 2 rooms, add a door between them. Asign the 'func_door' entity to the door.Put a light in each room and the 'info_player_start' entity in one of the rooms.

2) Make a brush, size is not important here, and asign it the 'trigger_key' entity. Then input the 'key/value' pair of 'item/key_red_key'. Assuming you are using the red key. This will also work with any of the 'key_xxx' type entities.

3) Make another brush, place it in front of your door brush, drag it out to the same width as your door then and about half the height of the door. Assign this brush the 'trigger_multiple' entity. Make sure you put this on the same side of the door as your 'info_player_start' entity.

4) Now you need to set the 'target' and 'targetnames' in the proper order to get this to work. Start by selecting the 'trigger_multiple' entity, attack it to the 'trigger_key' entity. Now attach the 'trigger_key' entity to the 'func_door' entity.

5) Make another brush any where in the same room as you 'info_player_start' entity, then assign it the 'key_red_key' entity.

Compile your map and see how it works.

As I said before this will work with all the "key_xxx" entity types.

Have fun with it!

Mitch Yenney (A.K.A. Cre8tor)