Can be used two ways: with func_trains or with respawning entities in deathmatch.

This isn't so much a tutorial, as it is an explanation of the "team" key that is used with things like func_trains.

Let's say you have 4 moving platforms, that follow a long path around your map. If at some point the player or a monster blocks one of the trains, it will stop just that one; the others keep going on, doing their thing, following the path_corners.

Now, this is where the team feature comes in handy. To keep the multiple trains at equal distances, give each one of them a "team" key, and a value to match. i.e. in our imaginary map with 4 func_trains, we'd have "team" "4train" on every func_train entity. This way, if one of the 4 should become blocked anywhere in the map, the other 3 will stop moving until the path is clear (which usually means you've been squashed by one of them, and are dead).

I made two sample map files for this, one with the "team" key set, and another without it.

In these, I put a little box on the floor that you can stand next to, blocking the path of the 3 little train boxes moving around. Compile the two maps and watch the difference between having teams and not.

The other use is to spawn a different entity in deathmatch. This is used in q2dm8 for the power shield, body armor, and mega health.

Let's say we want one spot in a map to alternate between spawning the railgun, hyperblaster, and bfg. We'd put all three in that spot and give them all a team of guns. This way the game will spawn each entity with the team of guns in that spot, one at a time.

Here's a sample map showing the alternating guns using team.

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