How to make a crate drop off an explosive charge...

1. Make a nice big room.
2. Make a crate with enough room inside to hold the charge and position at one end, raised.
3. Align all the textures now!
4. Hollow the crate.
5. Ungroup the crate if it was grouped.
6. Group all parts of the crate except the base part.
7. Apply 'func_train' to the main piece of crate and the base.
8. Insert 2 'path_corners'. Align them like this (X-Y = 'path-target') :
9. Set the targets like this:

    BASE BRUSH:    targetname - start
            target - base1

    MAIN CRATE:    targetname - start
            target - main1

    path_corner X:   targetname - main1
            target     - main2

    path_corner Y:    targetname - base1
            target     - base2

10. At the other end, put in another 2 'path_corners', arranged the same way as above. This is
where the crate shall drop to the floor. Keep the height and everything else the same.

11. I'll call these path_targets A and B. Set the targets like this:

    path_corner A:    targetname - main2
            target     - main3

    path_corner B:    targetname - base2
            target     - base3

12. Now you gotta make the crate drop to the floor. Put in another 2 path_corners. (C and D)
13. Set the targets like this:

    path_corner C:    targetname - main3
            target     - main4
            wait     - 1      
<-------- Waits while charge is dropped off.

    path_corner D:   targetname - base3
            target     -
            pathtarget - box   
<-------- This will spawn the charge.
           wait     - -1        <-------- Makes the base stop here.

14. Last 'path_corner' bit. Put in a 'path_corner' (E) right on top of 'path_corner' A. Set
it's targets like this:

    path_corner E:   targetname - main4
            target     -
            wait     - -1      
<-------- Makes the crate stop here.

15. Almost there, put in the charge itself. This is to be positioned exactly where the crate
will land, bang in the center, and the height of the base off the floor. Set the targets like

    The charge:    targetname - box
            target     - whatever you want to blow up.
            spawnflags - 1
       <-------- Charge must be triggered to be seen.

16. Finally, put in a 'trigger_once' under the crate with a target of 'start'.

There, now that should work... It's a very complex tutorial so I advise you to check out my
map. It sould now run like this:

    1. Walk under crate, train triggered.
    2. Both the crate and the base move to other end of room.
    3. Both the crate and the base lower to the ground.
    4. The charge appears, hidden under the crate.
    5. After 1 second, the crate rises up again, leaving the base and the charge below.
    6. Shoot the charge and it will blow up whatever its targeted to. (Whatever its targeted
    to must have the 'func_explosive' property.

Hope that helped, if it didn't, mail me at

- Charlie

(This tutorial is also available at )

Download the example map