Breakable glass


1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place your info_player_start and a light in there.

2.In this example, we'll make two windows, one breakable and one not. Create a wall, with two openings for windows.

3.Make 2 window brushes that fit your openings. Use the brwind5_2 texture for the cracked glass.

4.Each editor will handle this step differently (consult your editor's help or manual for specifics). You now need to change the surface attribute for the window brushes. You can set it to trans33 or trans66 (more transparent). i.e. in Qoole, you would select the window brush, bring up the Tex Properties dialogue, and tick the transXX box, then Apply All. Do this to both windows.

5.For the breakable window, apply the func_explosive entitiy. to it. Give the func_explosive a

"target" "glass1"
"health" "2"

6. Add a target_speaker entity and place it close to the breakable window. Give it the

"sound"  "world/brkglas.wav"
"targetname" "glass1"

This will link it to the func_explosive that the window uses, and create the glass breaking sound when it gets shot.

7.Compile your map and check out your windows. One should break when shot, the other will just sit there, blocking everything you blast at it with.

Here's a sample map showing this example.


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