Rotating space

If your like me and you've already completed Quake2 :-) then you would have seen the space sky texture at the end that was rotating, well this tutorial will help you achieve this nifty little trick.

1.Create a fairly large room and place an "info_player_start" and some lights in there.

2. give the sky the SKY! texture and save your map. the .MAP file in notepad and add the following lines

"sky" "space1"
"skyaxis" "0 0 1"
"skyrotate" "4"

4.This will tell Quake2 to use the space texture where ever you place the brush with the SKY! texture and it will also tell it which axis it is to move on and how fast it should go.

5.i had the "skyrotate" on 4 and this seemed pretty normal but you may want to play with the settings.

6.compile your map and get motion sickness from watching the sky rotate around you :)


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