Power cubes

Today we are going to do a slightly advanced tutorial concerning: How to use the Power Cube (at last)! It's actually quite easy.

1. First off, create a large room (512x512) and chuck a couple of lights in, plus a player start.

2. Now, we shall create the fuse box in which the Power Cube will go. If you want, you can simply carve a (32x32) sized cube into a wall. Make sure the wall is bigger than the cube. Carve the cube into the wall at about eye height (making sure that it's touching the inside part of the wall when you carve), and give the inside appropriate textures. If you want to something more detailed, have a look at my map.

3. Make a wall light and (again) apply the appropriate textures. Move a light just in front of it (

"targetname"  "a2"
"spawnflag" "1" A good light setting is "200"), and one in front of your fuse box (light should be "50", or "100". Don't mess with the other fields). Now, we need a trigger_key put somewhere in the room. Give that a targetname of "a1" and a target of "a2". Make the item field "key_power_cube".

4. So far, so good. All we need are three more things. First off, the trigger_multiple. Place a brush which is thin (8 units), but as wide as the fuse box (32 units). Place this directly in front of the fuse box, and touching the floor. The height should be sufficient so that it can touch the floor, but also reach to the top of the fuse box. Give it any texture (the Trigger texture is mostly used), and give it a target of "a1" and a delay of "0.2".

5. Place two power cubes in the room. One which you can pick up (i.e. on the ground), and another which is placed in the fuse box. What this second power cube does is define where the cube will appear. Give the second cube a targetname of "a2" and change the spawnflags to "3". Make sure you place the second power cube IN the power fuse box, in the position you'd like it to appear.

That's all it involves! Simple really.

The lights and stuff are optional, but when you want to have an event happen when someone plugs the power cube in, give all the concerned entitys (or triggers) the same targetname as the target that the trigger_key has.

Adam Marriott (aka BlaCkeN)