Insane Gib Pipe

As seen in the fact2 id map, this is a (quite demented) decoration for your map.

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place a info_player_start and a light in there.

2.Create a hollow pipe that hangs down from the ceiling that is at least 128 units tall. Inside this pipe you will place a target_spawner that will spawn the insane guys.

3.Give the target_spawner a "target" of "misc_insane" and a "targetname" of "spawn".

4. Place a func_timer in the map and give it a "target" of "spawn", "wait" of "3", "delay" of "1", "pausetime" of "4", "spawnflags" of "1", and a "random" of "2".

5. After you've finished with that messy entity, add a trigger_relay to the map and give it a "target" of "gibs", "targetname" of "spawn", and a "delay" of "xxx", where 'xxx' is a numerical value somewhere around .5 to 1.5, depending on how far your insane guy will drop (more in a sec on this).

6. Create the lower angled hollow pipe that the insane will land in and gib. It's a basic L shaped pipe, where the insane falls in the top, and gibs come out the side. In the example map I put a rotating fan that the insanes land on and splat.

7. Inside the upper part of the L pipe, place a small trigger_hurt brush with a "dmg" of "2000" to kill the insane.

8. Add one (or two, depending on how much icky stuff you want to spew forth from the pipe) target_spawner to the bottom part of the L pipe with a "target" of "misc_gib_arm" (or misc_gib_leg or misc_gib_head) and a "targetname" of "gibs". You will also need to set "speed" to "250" (higher for more distance) and an "angle" to whichever direction your pipe faces.

9. Now the tricky part. You must compile the map, and check the trigger_relay delay setting to time the gibs with when the insane hits the trigger_hurt. It may take a few tweaks to get it just right.

Here's an example .map showing the gib pipe.

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