Paul from AWOQ2 sent us this cool tutorial for everyone, be sure to visit there cool site for the best killer maps available

So you want keyed doors eh? and you want use of the door later without makeing two doors?

First you need to make a regular keyed door. do this by using a
trigger_multiple, a door, a key and a trigger_key

Set the trigger_multiple..
target   key1

Set the door to..
targetname door1
wait 4 (-1 if you want to leave the door open all the time)

set the trigger_key to..
target door1
targetname key1
item key_blue_key

set the key
targetname- key1

Ok this is how to make the door like a regular door after

first you have trigger_multiple #1 that triggers the

Make a trigger_once that is activated by the trigger_key.
So the trig_key is now targeting both the door and the trig_once
(make sure the trig_once has NOT_PLAYER (2) spawnflag so player can't activate it)

target trigger1
targetname door1
spawnflags 2

You need to make a trigger _multiple #2 that will open the
door like a regular door after the key is used. Make it cover the whole
doorway area so it will act like a regular door (openable from both sides and won't close if you stand in the middle)-- just make it go through the door, it won't mess w/ your area portals.

Give trigger_multiple #2 the attribute of TRIGGERED (spawnflags 4) so it won't exist before the key is used. Now make the trigger_once target
the trig_multiple #2, which will spawn it when the key is

trigger_multiple (#2)...
target door1
targetname trigger1
spawnflags 4

I hope this will help you!

You can do anything you want with the bsp. It was made with the hopes that it would help someone out.

Dpwmload the example map and bsp

This text file and was made by
Paul Taylor from A World of Quake2
Jack Davis