Force field's

We've all seen the jail level's in Quake2, well you would have noticed the force-field's keep the prisoner's in there cell's.

This tutorial with give you an idea of how to create one with ease.

1.create 2 rooms that are next to each other and in the middle of them cut a hole out for the door way.

2.create a brush the fills the door way and give this the yellfield texture which you can find in the E1U1 texture set.

3.whilst still having this brush selected bring up the surface properties and make sure the following are ticked on

window make this brush a func_wall and make sure it has the following

targetname  t1
Spawnflags  4 (or tick on the START_ON box)

5.create another brush that will be a button, associate this with a func_button and give it this info

target  t1

6.compile your map and go into your level and when the button is pressed the forcefield should dissapear until pressed again.

so go and play with different setting until you find something that suit's your level

Example map

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