Rotating Lights

Having played through half of the Quake 2 mission pack : The Reckoning, i found that there is now rotating lights in there.
They look like the lights you found on police/fire trucks etc...

This tutorial will show what you can do with this very easy entity.

1.make a room and place a player start and a normal light the entity for the rotating light but if your editor doesn't support the new mission pack yet then just alter the classname of any entity and make it a rotating_light.

3.okay give it the following values.

light  300
angle  0
Spawnflags  1
  (if being triggered)

you can mess with these setting to your likeness and you can also give it a colour.

4.Don't worry about creating a light fixture for it as it's automatically put in the level when you place the entity in there.

you can have it start on or have it triggered by an event. you could walk into a room and the alarm goes off then these lights kick into action :)

/me make's haste and add's this to my level.

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