Reflective Floors

This is not a real function of Quake2, but rather a construction concept to give the illusion of a shiny, reflective floor.

1.Firstly, create a good sized room (300x300x300) and place a info_player_start in there.

2.Take that first room, and duplicate it, EXACTLY, directly below it. Make the floor between the two rooms 2 units thick, and set it as TRANS66.

3.To pull this effect off, make sure your two halves are exactly the same, with the lower room's textures flipped 180 degrees. This will make it appear, when looking at the floor, that you are seeing a reflection.

4.Compile this map and run it. It should appear that you have a reflective floor. However, you cannot put any objects like health, ammo, etc in this area, because it wont really reflect. This would be a neat effect in a single player map.

Here's and example .map showing this reflective room.

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