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Past News:

April 28, 1999 - 7:45 PM EDT
Well over 35,000 hits today alone, all I can say is WOW! I've gotten a lot of requests to make yet 'ANOTHER' demo. Unless id beats me to the punch and releases the Q3TEST for Linux and Windows, which I HOPE THEY DO, the next demo will come shortly! Not that I don't enjoy what I'm doing, but I do feel for everyone out there. I'm taking tonight off to sleep a bit more, so expect it to be up tomorrow evening. This DEMO 4 release will offer a more fluid 'walkthrough' rather than the slicing and dicing of the last couple of demo releases. I'd like to keep the high quality version maxed out at 3 megs. Thanks to all who submitted their mirrors to me to post.

April 28, 1999 - 4:10 AM update
All went well, hard as heck to move around those large files but they're up, (anyone want to sponsor me a T1 or something???) Heheh. Anyway, as I eat some early breakfast (it's amazing how good this bagel tastes) the files are both at FSU and here locally on the quake2.com server. Other sites, please provide local links to these files if you can, and anyone who can put these files up for download on FTP or HTTP please do. I still used my miniDV camcorder for the capture, but rather than pulling it from the tube, I used AVerMedia's AVerKey300 Gold device and my camera S-Video in. One problem, the B&W G3 ATI graphics card runs at 120Hz at 1024x768 and this video conversion device only handles up to 100Hz... *sigh*. Anyway, I play the game gere at 800x600 so once the game began all worked fine, although the borders of the screen weren't maximized as good as they could be. Reminds me of an old 14" monitor I used to have. Anyway, I noticed this after the video was all shot, and rather than delay this Demo 3 a day and reshoot, I determined that it's fine how it is. (Like how I self critique my own work here?) There's always a next time, I think it's just sleep deprivation. Zzzzzzzzz...

2:23 AM update.... RENDERING / FTP'ing videos... You wanted better quality, you got it! There may be delays in downloading b/c of the large file sizes and bandwith concerns. Suggestion: Download the movie to your HD, rather than just letting it play in your browser. Since the LOW version was such poor quality it's not going to be a download option. For the most part the MEDIUM will do everyone justice. Those people who begged for even higher quality, download the 3 meg file. No 16:9 Widescreen edition just yet.. Just kidding... :-)

April 28, 1999 - 1:45AM EDT
Well the video isn't 10x better but it's not bad at all. Late again, dang it! The raw miniDV footage is rendering as I type this. The low, medium and high bandwidth flavors will be both on the FSU link as well as Quake 2. They also will be on FTP tomorrow sometime. Go ahead and flip a coin and choose a download link at random. As mirrors come on board I'll reflect that on the download page. The video is 34:02 seconds for those of you wondering. :-).

April 27, 1999 - 8:30PM EDT
Well, I'm headed back to work to pick up my SVGA to S-Video device, this DEMO 3 will look 10x better. Stay tuned, we're hours away from the best yet. :-)

April 27, 1999 - 8PM EDT
Just got home from a looooong day at work. Not a good thing to stay up to 3am two night in a row. :-p I'm going to try to get Demo 3 (which will be netplay on q2test1) up before midnight EDT. As requested by many of you, I'm going to provide Demo 3 back in the the three bandwidth versions, topping out at around 2 megs for the high end. Hopefully that will allow you to see a bit more detail. I've gotten lots of e-mail about converting to other video formats... I hope you found the Intel link useful to convert the MOV to AVI. Since I've found QuickTime to compress very well and because the site is getting hammered with requests I need to play nice and distribute them in the smallest and cleanest way possible. Tonight the HIGH BANDWIDTH version will be released via FTP only. Those who wish to mirror, again please do so ASAP and clue me in on the link so I can advertise the mirrors and "spread the bandwidth drain" across various sites.

April 27, 1999 - Demo 2 Just released -
Please GRAB from mirrors or FSU Primary D/L Link
Go ahead and grab demo 2. It's only being distributed in one flavor, the file is another QuickTime v3 compatible movie weighing in at around ~674k. Most users can handle that download. It's still not the GREATEST quality but I think you'll like it 10x better than the first demo which was released Sunday evening. Demo 3 is promised for Tuesday eveing on map q3test1, that level should show off a bit more of the weapons, light sourcing, shadows, etc. Stay tuned... I added a link for users to visit if interested in coverting from the QuickTime format to AVI. Let me know how you like the demo!