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High Bandwidth (674k)

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April 24-26th

Source Released (Q2)


NOTE: DEMO 3 has been released, featuring
q3test1 Internet gameplay. See the left pane
for the download link and additional info, this page is DEMO 1...

Mirror 1: (PlanetQuake/CDROM/EPIX/MORE, MORE MORE!)
Download the Quicktime 3 compatible (medium bandwidth edition) movie now!

Primary HTTP Download: (via Florida State Univeristy, multiple T3's)
Download the QuickTime 3 compatible (medium bandwidth edition) movie now!

Secondary HTTP Download: (via Quake2.com)
Download the QuickTime 3 compatible (medium bandwidth edition) movie now!

Don't have QuickTime? Download it from here...

Looking for a QuickTime to AVI converter? A vistor sent this link which might do the trick!
Be warned though, the 674k movie grew to almost 3 megs as a mpg movie.

How it was made: This video was shot with my Sony TRV-900 miniDV camera, and assembled using DigitalOrigin's editDV software on my B&W G3/350 PC. See the System Configuration link in the left pane for links to start up your own editing shop. :-) I used MediaCleaner EZ 3.1 to render the 3 different quality movies. The native DV movie was 144MB, each second of miniDV footage is approx. 3.7MB worth of space.

About the downloadable movie: The QuickTime 3 movie download sizes are approx 380k, 720k and 1100k respectively for low, medium and high quality. They're not as pretty as still shots, but they offer the "realness" of actually playing it yourself. Hope this will hold your appetite until Q3 TEST is subsequently released for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Disclaimer: This movie was put together ONLY for the pure joy of sharing the "feel" of the game with gamers of other platforms who yet don't have a playable TEST version from idSofware yet. Quake 3 is awesome, and they certainly raised the bar ONCE AGAIN for gaming as we know it. I have no affiliation with idSoftware at all, and am only a gaming enthusiast which has been a Quake 2 modder since Q2 was released over a year ago, who came up with a crazy idea to show those users a bit more than a static "screenshot". The credits that take up the first few seconds of the QuickTime movie are only there to tell you what it is (Demo of Q3 on a G3) and the author, me, who assembled the footage. Without idSoftware's great TEST version for the Mac I wouldn't of been able to put this together. Kudos to all. Enjoy!