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Past News:

April 26, 1999 - * NEW *
I've got a ton of requests for another QuickTime movie, this time showing off some 'Internet' gameplay. The movie I put together was a 20-30 minute job from filming to posting online, so it shouldn't take too long to put up another to wet your appetites even more. I'll try to make the quality a bit better, but the G3 has no video out so I'm at the mercy of filming straight from the tube until someone wants to hook me up with a nice video out card. ;-) I'm sure Linux and Windows playable versions will be out soon though and these movies will be only memories...

April 25, 1999 - ~11PM
See the left pane for downloads for low, medium and high bandwidth versions.

April 25, 1999 - Late
The QuickTime movies are rendering as we speak, so far the 'Low Bandwidth' and 'Medium Bandwidth' versions are done, and my G3 is just starting the final render in the batch for the 'High Bandwidth' users. I'm encouraging anyone having a site to mirror these files as soon as you download one or all of them. Please provide me a link so I can in turn provide here for the many visitors to the site. More news later on files sizes.. Then I have to FTP them with my crappy 28.8 upstream of my Hybrid Cable Modem. (Thank God I get 60-150Kbps downstream on average!)

April 25, 1999
Wahooooo! With the new Q3 release allowing Wintel computers to run in dedicated mode, I installed it, started it right up and connected with my Mac over TCP/IP on my LAN. Now only if I had a few more G3 clients on this LAN to play with. :-)

April 24, 1999
A few glitches to mention, running at 1280x1024 in millions of colors causes your system to stop sending signal to the VGA monitor. This is directly related to the beta OpenGL drivers and not Quake 3 Test. As the loss of video signal occurs not only when exiting the Quake 3 Test, but when exiting other games such as Nanosaur and even at random when closing graphic files such as TGA and GIF files. This random even also happens when closing windows on the desktop. Very weird. Dropping my resolution to 1024x768 seemed to fix this issue. I can only hope that the new OpenGL release (whenever that may be) will fix these issues. I also lost my sound and control strip got turned off. Another reboot fixed the sound, and going into the Apple menu and Control Strip let me "re-enable" the Control Strip. So, some little quirks, but WORTH every one of them for this! How can I pre-order the full release?! :-) Maybe they'll send me one as an eval. 'Ya never know...