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Primary HTTP Download: (via Quake2.com)
Download the QuickTime 3 compatible Demo 4 (low bandwidth edition) movie now!

Don't have QuickTime? Download it from here...

Looking for a QuickTime to AVI converter? A vistor sent this link which might do the trick!

How it was made: Like the last video, this video was shot with my Sony TRV-900 miniDV camera, but I used AVerMedia's AVerKey300 Gold PC/Mac to TV video convertor and output that via S-video to the camcorder. It was assembled using DigitalOrigin's editDV software on my B&W G3/350 PC. See the System Configuration link in the left pane for links to start up your own editing shop. :-) I used MediaCleaner EZ 3.1 to render the 3 different quality movies. The native DV movie is over 225MB, each second of miniDV footage is approx. 3.7MB worth of space.

About the downloadable movie: This QuickTime 3 movie is ~650kMB, not the best of quality but could be useful as a "preview" for those thinking about downloading the high or medium versions, and of course for those with serious bandwidth issues. The demo lasts 1 minute and 3 seconds. This movie was shot while playing the q3test1 both on and offline. As with the other demos, demo 4 offers another glance Q3TEST (updated version)played on a B&W G3/350. I'm hoping, along with the rest of you that idSoftware will release the Windows playable version soon, so we can all start 'fraggin one another! ;-p I'm glad I've been able to provide these screenshots and movies for everyone, the feedback has been nothing but positive and the turnout has been amazing. Thanks to all, and I hope you enjoy this demo!

Disclaimer: These movies were put together ONLY for the pure joy of sharing the "feel" of the game with gamers of other platforms who yet don't have a playable TEST version from idSofware yet. Quake 3 is awesome, and they certainly raised the bar ONCE AGAIN for gaming as we know it. I have no affiliation with idSoftware at all, and am only a gaming enthusiast which has been a Quake 2 modder since Q2 was released over a year ago, who came up with a crazy idea to show those users a bit more than a static "screenshot". The credits that take up the first few seconds of the QuickTime movie are only there to tell you what it is (Demo4 of Q3 on a G3) and the author, me, who assembled the footage. Without idSoftware's great TEST version for the Mac I wouldn't of been able to put this together. Kudos to all. Enjoy!