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April 24-26th

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Below is my system configuration. I took a pretty much a standard B&W (Blue and White) G3/350 DVD system, boosted it with some extra RAM, a nice screen, some extra storage and coupled it with my miniDV camcorder and some software for editing video and of course to play Q3. Heh heh... I have it networked with my Micron PII/333 system connected via hub. My Micron has dual NIC cards, one going to my cable modem and the other going to the hub which my PII and G3 share. I use NetProxy (the demo ran out, but it works with 1 computer using the proxy) so all it good here, until I get another PC. I think we ALL have these problems... At one point I had several computers in my tiny room here, included a RedHat Linux box, but those have since vanished for the time being until I get more room here, or add a shelf. I'll be adding a pic of the whole 'gettup soon for those interested. :-) LAN Parties are killer in your own house. I'd have my cousins come over and we'd all play Q2 running, what else but ServerConfigMOD!

B&W G3 350/DVD
Terran's Media Cleaner EZ 3.1
6GB Quantum Fireball EX HD
22GB IBM Deskstar 22GXP HD
21" Hitachi SuperScan 811
External SCSI Zip Drive
UMAX S-6E SCSI Scanner
Sony TRV-900 miniDV Camcorder
Digital Origin editDV w/ 6' Firewire Cable
Mac OS 8.5.1
OpenGL beta drivers
Latest Firmware Update
Firewire 2.0 Update