Help, i'm having an ulcer!

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Posted by JaGGaRD on March 15, 1998 at 09:56:23:

alright, being how netscape decided to crash on me, i must begin once again :P
I have been werking with 3dsmax for a while now, but yet have never really ported anything
over to Q2. I have completed all the steps it took to form a model (importing the 3ds's/typing the qgr/ etc)
the problem arized when it stated ERROR: TOO MANY TRIANGLES
now what does that imply?
I will now give some background on this and the model i'm trying to port:
To make this model (a chickenball) I used several different objects (alot of lofting)
and placed them together, not forming a singular model, basically it was a collection of several.
Every limb/organ had its own object (eyes/wings etc). basically that was how i formed it
then, i imported the 3ds's out, every frame, and typed out the qgr, now
then when i typed [qdata -3ds chick.qgr] the errors began,
and as i stated before: Error: Too many Triangles
now it could be from the use of several objects, and q2 might not like that, and wishes to
retain only one object per model
or could it be because the 3ds's are in quad instead of triangle, which is most unlikely because
all save for 5% of all models from 3dsmax are quads, infact the tutorials here show models made in
I'm sure its a real simple or screwed up problem,
I hope the acid doesnt burn me up...

Chicken ball is basically a small sports project that I'm werking on
along with hacky chicken. the players kick and hack the chicken to eachother
like baseball/hackysack, maybe chicken volleyball will come too (this sport originated from
me and my friend throwing a plush chicken around)

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