Help, i'm having seizures

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Posted by Jaggard on March 16, 1998 at 06:47:02:

In Reply to: Re: Help, i'm having an ulcer! posted by ShockMan on March 15, 1998 at 14:04:14:

Okay... supprizingly just the wings are about 6000 faces,
the problem with this being is, how am i possibly
going to compress the faces, though it stated
that they had 0 polygons. Must I start over on this?
and if so, how will i go about accomplishing it, so i dont
make the same mistake?

: Well... the problem is proberly exactly
: what it says... you have to many triangles
: in your model. the models in quake2 is not
: over 500-600 (the boss guy is 3000 or so).
: Try to make your model with less triangles,
: it should work then.

: : alright, being how netscape decided to crash on me, i must begin once again :P
: : I have been werking with 3dsmax for a while now, but yet have never really ported anything
: : over to Q2. I have completed all the steps it took to form a model (importing the 3ds's/typing the qgr/ etc)
: : the problem arized when it stated ERROR: TOO MANY TRIANGLES
: : now what does that imply?
: : I will now give some background on this and the model i'm trying to port:
: : To make this model (a chickenball) I used several different objects (alot of lofting)
: : and placed them together, not forming a singular model, basically it was a collection of several.
: : Every limb/organ had its own object (eyes/wings etc). basically that was how i formed it
: : then, i imported the 3ds's out, every frame, and typed out the qgr, now
: : then when i typed [qdata -3ds chick.qgr] the errors began,
: : and as i stated before: Error: Too many Triangles
: : now it could be from the use of several objects, and q2 might not like that, and wishes to
: : retain only one object per model
: : or could it be because the 3ds's are in quad instead of triangle, which is most unlikely because
: : all save for 5% of all models from 3dsmax are quads, infact the tutorials here show models made in
: : quads.
: : I'm sure its a real simple or screwed up problem,
: : I hope the acid doesnt burn me up...
: :
: : Chicken ball is basically a small sports project that I'm werking on
: : along with hacky chicken. the players kick and hack the chicken to eachother
: : like baseball/hackysack, maybe chicken volleyball will come too (this sport originated from
: : me and my friend throwing a plush chicken around)

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