Here are some channel rules to help make your IRC experience with us more enjoyable for yourself and others. Following these rules will decrease your chances of being kicked/banned. Penalty for not following these rules are determined by the OP that is administering the kick/ban.

1. No colors (this includes reverse). Bold and underline are allowed as long as they are used in a tasteful way.

2. If a special guest enters the channel (someone from id Software, 3D Realms, etc...), do not message them, insult them, flood/ICMP/nuke them. If you are caught you get a permanent ban.

3. Don't enter the channel yelling stuff like "I LOVE LLAMAHS" or something. It's lame now,
and we think it's stupid. Unless we know you and it was an ongoing joke at the time.

4. Do not try to takeover, flood, ICMP, or nuke the channel. We have a CService bot (X) and takeover's are impossible. And we will catch you. We have had attempts, and we nailed
those fools and they lost any support from Undernet they had, and resulted in K-lines. (we know IRCops)

5. Do not text flood the channel (scrolling, repeating, spaming, etc...). If you are asking
a question and want it to be answered, be patient. Being a pain in the ass would make people less inclined to answering your question.

6. Warez are not allowed! If you are even in a warez channel while in #Quake2 and we catch
you, you will be banned on the spot.

7. Porn (pr0n) is not allowed. If you are even in a porn channel while in #Quake2
and we catch you, you will be banned on the spot.

8. Do not ask anyone in the channel if they have the Quake 2 beta/demo. Don't you think if we had it the whole world would? And what makes us special that we have it? We aren't any different from you.

Don't be an ass. That's the best rule of all, because not only will it keep you in the channel,
but it'll help you make friends.