Channel Rules
#Quake2 is a channel on Undernet about the game called, you guess it, Quake 2. But that's not all we talk about. We talk about a whole variety of things. Things you wouldn't believe! It is a great place to hang out in because people are friendly, as long as you are too. Once you engage in a chat with some of the people in there, you'll want to keep comming back. It is a very popular Quake channel because it has been visited by the id Guys many times. And they have shared information about Quake 2, unheard of anywhere else. Also, we have been visited by other people who work in such companies as 3D Realms and Valve Software. So we are also a good source of up-to-date news.

The OPs in #Quake2 are there to help you and keep the channel flowing. We are very lenient, but there are some things we just don't tollerate. You can check those out on the Channel Rules page. But basically,the main thing is: if it disrupts the flow of chat in the channel, it's not allowed. The usual thing is 2 or 3 kicks and then a ban. But if the offense is major, you'll get a ban on the spot.

The bots in the channel are also there to help. Bots aren't perfect of course, so if you get kicked by one and you really didn't do anything wrong, just let it go. If you get banned and you didn't do anything, then send a message to an OP, and they will try and assist you or explain to you what happened.

Credits: Very special thanks to Zulfiqar Khoja a.k.a. WU-Method (Creative Press) for his help. Without him, you would be getting Java errors everywhere! Special thanks to Brad Timiney a.k.a. ManInBlack for the great logo he made! Thanks to the others in #Quake2 that sent in logos. Thanks to Slipgate, Blitz and Quake2.com for hosting this page. Thanks to The_Brain for making the Bot Bios. And thanks to all the #Quake2 OPs and users.

If you see any problems with the page, please mail me at chat@quake2.com.