Channel Rules
IRC could be new to some of you, so I made this page for a quick, easy little setup to get you chatting right away. You should find these instructions very easy to follow. First off, here is a little background for IRC: IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is the main "chatting zone" of the entire internet. There are many different IRC Nets, but we are interested in Undernet because that's where this particular #Quake2 is found (There are probably other #Quake2's on other IRC Nets, but you want us because we are the best ;). Now, You want to start off by downloading a version of mIRC that suits you. mIRC is one of the most popular and customizable IRC clients out there. Install it and then run it. When you run it, you should be greeted with a window like this one:

Picture of mIRC Setup Window

Now change the info shown (Full Name, E-mail, Nickname, & Alternative) to your own info (Do NOT use mine). Now, pay attention to the pull down window that says "Random US Undernet server". Undernet is the IRC Net that #Quake2 is on. So you want to connect to an Undernet server. US Undernet isn't the only Undernet server. There are many others that you can connect to, as you can see here:
Picture of mIRC Setup window with more servers listed

Once you connect to a server, you have to type "/join #Quake2" in the status window (without quotes of course). That should be all. You can find out more about mIRC's customizing by experimentation, asking other people, or going to web pages. This is what the channel looks like. BTW: they know I was taking a screenshot, that's why they are wacky. ;)
Picture of #Quake2 chat window on September 4th, 1997 at 2:48PM EST

If there are any more questions/comments, e-mail me at chat@quake2.com.