Channel Rules
Around August, 1996, a young lad by the name of MDK-187 gets banned from #Quake. He then starts to grab supporters for a new channel, #Quake2. A channel where people can express their views freely, without asshole ops kick/banning everyone for their own evil personal reasons.

Around that same time, I am banned from #Quake (by Romeovoid), and i decide to head over to the new #Quake2 channel just starting out, and give my e-mail in as a supporter. A few other people were there at this time, about 5 in total. I don't remember all of their names, but we all had one thing in common, We disliked how we were treated in #Quake.

I *BELIEVE* The following people were the founders of the channel.

At this point, things were really shaky. MDK-187's basic goal was to attempt a takeover of #Quake, which i thought was unwise. Me and him argued a bit, and when the dust settled, #Quake2 changed it's focus away from a #Quake alternative, more to a Quake2 discussion group, where people could talk about Quake2 and get their questions answered.

I erracted a web site on my PlanetQuake web account (this was before PlanetQuake's main web page was even open I believe, I had one of the first PQ accounts ever) dedicated to Quake2 news, and plugged #Quake2 on Undernet whenever i could on it. People started to come, but most of the time, the channel was pretty dead.

Through the entire beggining of the channel's history, MDK-187 and several others engaged in constant battle. We evenatually came to the conclusion that MDK-187 was the biggest llama ever to walk the Earth, and I added him to my perm-ban list. During one of the battles of MDK-187, I started to get CTCP PING flooded by this one dude named SnoWolfe. While the attack wasn't hurting me at all, It was kinda annoying. I did some checking and i found out that this SnoWolfe guy was a clanmate of MDK-187. I armed my own flooding script, and knocked SnoWolfe off IRC a few dozen times, then started /msg'ing him asking why he was floodng me and stuff. Me and him started chatting and we both came to the realization that MDK-187 was indeed, a llama. infact, his entire clan wanted him to get booted out, they just didn't have the heart to tell him. (he was only 12 years old!)

SnoWolfe /join'd #Quake2, and he soon became good friends with everyone there. SnoWolf also had the added advantage of having a shell account, and so #Quake2 (with the help of Master_G) got it's first fully functional bot. (We had a bot before called DopeFish, but it was really odd, and no-one knew how to work it.) I named the bot Quake-Bot. (don't ask) Quake-Bot soon became known as Velocity. (since [Kro] kept changing its nick whenever I turned my back on him)

Time passed, and we all basically hung out in #Quake2 and had fun. We soon opped a few more regulars; dworkie, Zentron, Josh-, Master_G, DragnSlyr, and things seemed pretty cool.

More time passed... and things slowed down a bit. #Quake2 soon became an idling channel. People began to leave... and as time progressed noone was left except me and W (The channel service bot). I kept #Quake2 minimized at all times, and payed no attention to it... the only real reason I stayed was the occasional visits from the other guys, like SnoWolf.

One day a new person joined #Quake2, named WU-Gaunt. He kept wanting to be opped, and i had no clue why. It really disturbed me because i dislike op beggers. I told him to just hang out and idle with me, and after time I will op him. He hung around and idled, and after about a month of seeing him every day and seeing that he was determined, I opped him. Time passed, and I became bored with idling in #Quake2 (And so did W, because one day it mysteriously dissapeared and deleted all the user lists and shit... odd..) so I told WU-Gaunt to stay and hold #Quake2 until i came back. I left for a few months, checking in every once in a while to see if the channel was progressing any.

My web page soon became part of this Quake2 Web Ring thingy headed by some dudes named Slipgate and FA-Nite. I was on Efnet one day, and I saw Slipgate there, so I said hi. I then learned of a #QuakeII forming on efnet, and headed over there. There was around 10 people there, and it looked pretty cool. The #QuakeII people wanted to move to efnet #Quake2, but that channel was being held by a bunch of bots, and they could not take it over, so I suggested that we all move to Undernet #Quake2.

Pretty soon almost all of us made the trek over to Undernet #Quake2, and we sent out a form to register it again. Things went pretty cool for the next week or so, then I noticed that American McGee (tokay) was on undernet. I sent him a /msg, it went something like this...

And so marked the occasion of the first id visit. Pretty soon people caught wind of id people stopping by #Quake2, and it started to grow to it's current state. I then went out in search for the old ops of #Quake2, when it was starting out. I found [Kro] (MorbdAngl), MTC_Wolf (Q_Wolf), Zentron (ZenTroN), DragnSlyr (dragn), dworkie (dwork), and a few others. Most of the old ops stayed, we even got Velocity back up and running for a short time. All in all, things have worked out pretty well. We have had a tad bit of contraversy, but all in all, things have worked out for us.

Thanks for reading all of this, it's probally kinda boring. =)

James "Tritian" Lazarus, Copyright 1997
Taken from #Quake2 History with permission