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Tritian, The_Brain, Ellis_Dee, and esses has collected a vast amount of quotes over the months. 700+ lines worth of quotes! And they are available for download in a small little mIRC add-on that will enable you to add quotes and send out random quotes! Download it here!

Here are some of my favorites:

<The_Brain> nobody touches my comp and lives ;)

<Tex-Murph> i have to wack off every night or my dick will keep on screaming at me WACK OFF WACK OFF!!! and i keep on saying "no no, it's too late mr peepers!" but mr peepers keeps on growing and growing until i finally give up. stupid mr peepers!

<FroznFire> spinning to overcome excitement? I should try this in real life. :) || <FroznFire> "you've worked so hard, I'm giving you a raise." SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN!!! ..... "......uh, on second thought......."

<WU-GFK> john is a neuter || <John_Galt> GFK..you weren't like..supposed to tell anyone that....

<Tritian> w00, it's rising... slowly... but rising

<Wolf-> I'm horny....has anyone seen T0NKA?

<SandStorm> ping|pong: do i suck goat dick? | <ping|pong> SandStorm, All signs point to yes.

<Tritian> George: will there be nekkid chicks in Prey? || <George3DR> trit: We're 3DR....of course

<George3DR> yak: Run around haldf nekkid with Duke 3D on your chest at E3 and I'll let you see Prey behind the scenes ;) You gotta run through GT booth, so I can verify ;) |-| <yak> George: You have a deal!

<CoRNo> so, tb, how long ago did they start getting computers in arkansas?

<Baron> im just so used to people comin in like "Heyz yozzz guz warez the q2 betaz???"

* Ridah reminds the americans that they are the ones who talk funny

<WU-GFK> WTF!! my fucking dog is pulling out my phone cord!!! ||*** Quits: WU-GFK (Ping timeout for WU-GFK[nac-nyc2-s20-115k.nac.net])

<The_Brain> my account on aol's been tos'd?

* WU_Method starts singin to his dick... "i'll smack your ass like john macenroe... jump around! jump around! jump up jump up and get down!"

<Jizzy> down, cause I jizzed in "yo fathers" mouth :)

<Tritian> David: the more people i kick, the bigger my dick grows || <Spam[69]> trit, you must be hung like an elephant by now

<DDemon> No, not everyone is getting opped. I am a mistake. || <Q_Wolf> bwhahaha...thats what your mother said too Demon..

<Mach5> ohh, im under killme || <Mach5> how provocative || <Slipgate> yeah, well i'm under mistletoe buddy

* DuMbals is usin a DumScript made by a Dumbals || * MnInBlack* * is too stupid to make his own || * Slipgate is using a slippery banana peeled by his momma

<Kren-MOB> If you urinate on an electric fence, you can make your bladder muscles contract and damned near piss yourself to death :) || <Tatter_D> Kren: Depends on where you touch the fence. || <Mach5> tatter, i dunno, i just finished hon. Physics and i don really give a fuck anymore


<Slipgate> Tatter, we're fucking here because #quake2 is the one place we can fuck and IDLE at the same time

<Kren-MOB> Dynamic darklight would make me spooge :) || <Mach5> Dynamic anything would make me sp00ge

<Spam[69]> heh, my boss called me in today to ask me how to del the pr0n he got on AOL

<Slipgate> now, here's something else i did...... played doom1, then doom2, then doom1 again, no difference || <Slipgate> i played duke 1, then duke 2, then duke3d, then duke 1 again right after each other. It was quite a difference.

<romulas> how do i start a quake clan? || <Spam[69]> romulas, you have to get the clan software || <romulas> where spam 69? || <Spam[69]> ftp://quake.aol.com/members/reetassmofo/quake/melikeaol/worldwideweb/freesoftware/clanstartup.zip || <romulas> ok thanks || <Spam[69]> np dude

<TE_Vorpal> My freind said "try AOL" I said "why, I've got a FUCKING BRAIN YOU KNOB!!!!"

* BUGUITO is lookin'4 an ftp wit' quake full version pliz /msg BUGUITO || <Spam[DI]> buguito: || <BUGUITO> thnx spam || <Spam[DI]> np dude