Too Sweet to Be Sour

16 January 1998

Got back ages ago, but needed to do some stuff. One way or another, this site will be getting a work over from someone. Now to business. Avve emailed me ooh, ages ago with some of his skins and a new button (he swears it's the last). I've posted 3 of his male skins, 1 in Elite, 2 in distinction. More models will be posted soon, with the Hunter model up next (hopefully). I have also posted my personal skin called "BladeRider". I've also finished the base skin for Spooks, and am now working on variations. I shall also be trying out some new styles (like doubling the skin size for more detail). Later. Also, I've updated Behind the Facade...a must read.


15 December 1998

Off on holiday. C ya in a couple of weeks.


12 November 1998

Joined a clan called Spooks. Still waiting on Rorshach to give his opinion on my skin. Am doing SPKs a set of clan skins. Laterz. Oh yeah and I'll add some of Avve's skins soon.

Models galore

26 October 1998

The models page is now up and features Perilith Knight for starters (there won't be many models up, as I've only got so much space). Added two new skins to the male section. My skin is finished bar the shouting, and I'm getting Rorshach to look it over for me. Sadly I've got 5 days in which to make any chnages before PSP5 uninstall's itself (wonderfull little "feature"). Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Cya.

Richie wears his birthday suit

13 October 1998

Yup, today is my birthday. Just thought I'd remind you. I finished a skin, but it was a rushed job for a mate and when he gets back from the LAN party I'll redo some parts of it. Pls leave any messages of condolen...I mean congratulations in the guestbook (at the bottom of this page or on the contact section).

Award time

04 October 1998

Well, I've won my second award. This time, it's the AOD site of the week. I'd like to thank Angel of AOD for giving me the award. Here is a picture: Nice logo

God is a DJ

04 October 1998

Oh yeah, and it's my birthday on the 13th, which will make me 15 years old. Doesn't time fly. Later ;-)


21 August 1998

I've just found that I missed out links on my console. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINKS for the moment until I redo the console. Doh!


21 August 1998

Well, a new skin by me is the main part of my update. I've finally finished my skin for the Swedish clan Pluton Q.

Pretty nice I think you'll agree. I will add the skins I've promised to add next update. I've added my favourite newsgroup's webpage in the links. I'm first going to finish my personal skin. I'm then going to try and make a model. Can somebody e-mail me the URL's of the tools they use to make them. You will get a mention on the site. Don't think I'm swamped by e-mails. I only ever get 5 a day and would be happy to hear from you. C ya.

I'm pins and I'm needles

17 August 1998

An update bringing you not just 1 but 4 skins. Jinx's newest, laughably late from when I said I'd post it. Kirby by DJ Stageone, a comic book character, and two by a Welsh bloke called Frankie. BTW my pings soared at Pipex recently and I was wondering if anyone had any tips. I do have Gamespy but I'm going on a private server. BTW my fav. newsgroup now has a website at Visit it now!

I'm going deeper underground

16 August 1998

Wassup? I've been attempting to re-cam some demos today. I'll be posting someones skin tommorrow. What do you think of the console? Also here's a picture I knocked up. HaHaHaHaHa Ha...Ha. Ahem.

Whacked on the Scooby snacks

14 August 1998

Ha, ha. I think I may have found the lamest ripp on the net. Mr Kenneth "Protofiend" Scott and Mr Roger "666" Bacon does this work look familiar. That's right the body is from Protofiend by Protofiend and the head is from 666's bitz box. He's allowed to use the head provided he gives credit, but there's no readme. What a lamer! Burn in hell the 'artist' who made this rip

Back with another of those block rockin' beats

11 August 1998

A quick update. I've added a female skin by Rorshach to the Distinction section. I'm working on a kicking console. Does anyone know how to get rid of that annoying line next to scrolling bar? Mail the answer to me or... (hint, hint) answer in the Guestbook as well. Oh go on.

Wow! He accepted a skin

7 August 1998

But not just one skin. Three skins, two female and one male. The females are done by one guy called Tony "Asmodai" Westerlund. This guy (cue smoke and Mystic Meg type outfit) will be very big soon and there are many more good skins in this guy. The male skin is by Bo "Pimpbot3k" (I feel like I'm 14 again. Oh wait a minute, I am 14. Doh!) Carlson and goes into the Distinction section. By the way, what about the logo, wicked or wot. Stefan Larsson is the Clan Leader of Pluton-Q and can be found here. I'm gonna make sure you get a clan skin to remember, mate.

For a minute there, I lost myself.

3 August 1998

A sort of general update:
1)I'm going to add Jinx's new skin when I'm not so busy
2)I'm busy with a clan skin for a Swedish clan and my skin and this week I have a cricket festival (No wait, please don't go).
3)I've been sent three skins so far. The first was a female which was basically a mish-mash of stuff that's gone before. I gave the author some advice and he says it is better now. Still waiting for it however. Got a male skin were the author had airbrushed bright red paint onto a id skin with impunity. Doh! I've just got a mail from the KungsAngens Berserkers Clan. Sorry I haven't mailed you sooner, guys but the answer is no for the simple reason that it shows up as grey on my model viewer and in PSP. Please may I make it clear that you should e-mail me a skin if you think it is really good. Thank you.
4)Since I'm busy, this will be the last update for a week or so, so here's a piccie of my skin as it stands. Oh yeah and I made it so the netmegs button leads to Netmegs not
It doesn't get more exciting than this

A picture of my skin

30 July 1998

Here is a picture of my new skin so far. Hope you like it:

My first award

29 July 1998

Just thought you might like to see the picture. Here it is:

My first award

29 July 1998

I have just been informed by Plutonium that I have one his award for website of the month. Click here. I'm working on a Quake II cartoon strip which is ment to be funny. I'm doing a new skin called BladeRider which is coming along nicely (pictures soon). Avve's skin has made it to elite, as has Titan by PartyCrasher

Bad luck

26 July 1998

As you are probably aware of by now, Q2 SkinCentral lost all there skins in a fire. I have to say that I feel sorry for [ISDN]Quin who has just seen seven months hard work go down the pan. Also click here for a non-song 2 playing page

Welcome to the Skin Emporium (Proudly hosted by

26 July 1998

Yes, I have finally arrived, thanks go to TheBlitz for the help he gave. Nothing really new on the skins front. My new one progresses slowly, still deciding whether I should put Chroma by Avve in Elite or Distinction (Probably elite) and I was thinking of putting Titan by PartyCrasher in the Elite skins as I think I may have assessed it wrong. I'm also working on a page minus the Song 2 midi file as I know how repetitive it can get after a while. C ya.


22 July 1998

Yes it is the classic strains of Song 2 which (hopefully) you're listening to now you've opened the page. Hope you like it.

I think I'm Paranoid

21 July 1998

Just got a mail from saying that they'll host me. I'm very happy about this. About the music. Song 2 appears to be coming out on top with Pulp Fiction a close second. Want a say. Just mail me.


21 July 1998

I'm thinking of putting a midi file playing on my site. The songs I have are Song 2 by Blur, Pulp Fiction, No Surprises by Radiohead, One of Us by Joan Osbourne, Mission Impossible, Your Woman by Whitetown, No Limits by 2 Unlimited and California Dreams (ahh, innit sweet). If you have a preference or can suggest something else (If someone has Richard III by Supergrass I'll be gratefull), mail me.

I've been framed, guvnor(Part Deux)

20 July 1998

I reckon that I've got'em properly now. 'Bout time.

I've been framed, guvnor

20 July 1998

I've got the frames working Click herefor them as I can't seem to get them onto my proper page.

Back once again

19 July 1998

Two updates in one day. Bet you can't believe you luck. Notice anything different. Yes, I've got frames on my page now. Thanks to Jinx (visit his site). Please go to index.html to check them out. My skin is up. Still deciding whether to put Avve's in Elite or distinction. Hard choice. Back soon.

Let the battle commence

Just an updated links page and a new _i file for my skins. I promise you that I will post Avve's new skin and my new one soon. BTW, I'm looking for a new host, more for a shorter, better URL and mail account than any immediate need(though when I put up an artwork page, frames and a lame skins page, I'll be pushing my limit). I've tried PlanetQuake, who said no, TeleFragged, who said no and I'm waiting for a reply from If you know of a good page, mail me.

A quick update

18 July 1998

Just a quick update which includes text for pictures and streamlined HTML code (no difference to you, of course). If you are from my newsgroup and expect to see your site up here, then that's for next update.

Kick the baby, don't kick the baby

A South Park reference for what is really just a quick update. I've updated the links to include my favourite newsgroup. That's it. The response to my plea for shite skins has been somewhat underwhelming (i.e. No-one has sent anything). Next update I'll put up my male Mekz clan skin, Avve's wicked new skin and possibly pictures of my latest project.

The Guestbook

15 July 1998

I know I shouldn't gripe but with all this traffic I had to say something. I don't have the guestbook there for a laugh. I know there are some people out there who are visiting but aren't signing. Fair enough, I do it as well but one person apart from myself signing it is pathetic. On a lighter note, I would like you to send me the crappest skins that you can find. Lame rips, black camper skins, the works. My one condition is that you don't create them, and if possible state the artist and what it's ripped from(if applicable). Thanks.

Open For Business

9 July 1998

Welcome to the Skin Emporium, a website that caters for your Quake II needs. On this site you will find skins by artists such as Rorshach, 666, PartyCrasher, The Chosen, Dire Protofiend, Cosmos, Avve and many more skinners who deserve praise. You'll even find some by me here! :)

For the moment this site only includes Quake II skins but with more time and space may grow to include skins for Unreal.

    What you find in this site

  • Male- A link to the male skins which are further divided into three catagories: Elite, Distinction and Merit.

  • Female- A link to the female skins which are also divided into catagories.

  • My Skins- Self explainitory really.

  • Submit A Skin- Send me your skin. If I think it's good enough I'll post it. I'll tell you if you have made it or not.

  • Behind the Facade- About me.

  • Links- Go and check out the cream of the web.

  • The Rider of Blades- Mail me