These are the sites of the skinners featured. I know what you're thinking. Why should I visit sites when he has posted all the best skins up. First off, I haven't posted all the clan skins that they've done and I haven't posted all their skins and of course, your taste will differ from mine. Plus they will update their site. I know for a fact Avve has updated his site with 3 new skins. If you think your site should be up here, mail me. Please report broken links.

Rorshach's Journal

Great skins, great pictures, great site.

PartyCrasher's Quake Gallery

Lovely skins. Give in to temptation. Visit his site.

666's Skins

666 does a nice range of armour and some brilliant skins. Worth a visit for the Walker PPM alone.

The Chosen

See these skins by the Chosen, right. They're only a taster for his Quake2 and Unreal(!) skinsite :)

Cosmos's Skins

A very clean style of skin. Lovely. Cool pictures as well. I'm using one as wallpaper.

The Droid

Some very nice skins here.

Avve, Skinner, formerly 3 Skulls, formerly Skinzone

Home of Avve. Lots of good stuff.

The Skinforge

The guy who made the best skin ever. Has some customised Q2 palettes.

Slaine's Skins

Skins and skin tutors. Visit it now.

Shattered Art

Kicking skin tutors.

Strangefate's Q2 Skins

His skins re-define the word colourful.

Ysgalon's Skins

Well worth a look.

Gwot Make Skin

Good skins and possibely the greatest PPM I've seen.

Q2 SkinCentral

A skinsite that accepts any skins, jointly run by Mordian, a guy I'm doing a clan skin for.


Jinx's site. Check it out.

These links are for my favourite news group: If you are in the newsgroup and want your site added, mail me.
The UK Quake2 newsgroup

For all you UK Quake2 fanatics, check out newsgroup, where, as well as the normal stuff associated with a newsgroup, the members are organising weekly meets, one on one leagues and general UK Quake2 activities

The Raven's site

A site where you can vote for where and what you will play at the newsgroup's next meet.

Mr Kronos's site

A regular on the newsgroup, Mr Kronos is extremely helpful to any newbies

Rabid's site

Another regular with a nice site.

Arganoid's site

Another guy from the group.

Musashi's Site

The place to go if you're interested in Aichi Jiu Jitsu.

Esra's site

A general site

Friday's Site

Worth a trip for his Room 101

The official newsgroup site, a really cool site. Visit now. What are you waiting for?