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It's been fun

29 April 1999

Due to pressures of workload, I'll not be updating for a long time, I may well post a Strangefate skin, and I will also be posting the makeover, but not for a while. I have more pressing priorities. This is Richard aka BladeRider signing off.

A column

11 April 1999

The powers that be at MUGG(Multiplayer Gaming Group) have given me my own column, where I rant pointlessly about what's happened during the week. The site makeover is done, waiting to hear from the guy who did it so he can put his button all over the page :) (deserves it to, top job Barry).

2 New skins, 1 is mine

21 March 1999

So then, 2 new skins. One is my Spooks base skin and goes into my section. One is a clanset by Impulse 9 and goes into the Male Distinction section. Don't expect to see me for ages, cos I always seem to disappear right after making 2 updates quite soon after each other.

And With that he vanished into the distance

15 March 1999

Good news. I am getting the site made over. Oh, try and look impressed. I have quit UK Firm. And a new skin will be appearing shortly (but not by me).


14 February 1999

2 updates in 2 weeks. You lucky lucky people you. This one is so I can add a new male skin in the Distinction section. It's by The Postman, kept plugging away and listened to all the criticisms I gave. The finished skin is very nice indeed. I'm also thinking (I may well have done it by now, but I can't be arsed to re-update the news) about doing some new elite and distinction buttons, as frankly these look crap. Joost Schuur, if you are reading this, why haven't you mailed me the answer yet, cos you say you do it within 48 hours. Here's a picture of my latest skin, which is for the Hayden model: My new skin for the Hayden model. Work in progress

Too Nice to Be Mean

7 February 1999

Just to correct the date and to let you know I'm working on a skin for the Hayden model. Updated the model section to include Hunter by Marginal. I'm also doing a map for 2-6 people.

Above all I hope you like this site and that you find it useful and informative. Oh, and good :). Please report any broken links. If you want to put a link to me on your page, use this button to link me.

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