ServerConfigMOD v2.5
Okay, you've had the patience to read through the tutorial, or maybe you've skipped over it to get to this part. Either way, the point is that ServerConfigMOD will do anything you want it to do. It's THAT simple. And what if it doesn't, send your idea this way.

Okay, all at once now (and I probably will leave lots out). What can ServerConfigMOD do? Of course all options can be configured and most enabled and disabled all together.Off-hand grapple, Ban names, gather logs showing whose been on your server (time,name,IP,rate), set the max rate for clients to connect to your server (server bandwidth throttling), cloaking device mode with enchanced status on HUD (uses cells for power), cycle through a list of maps, alter the railgun fire rate, alter rocket launcher fire rate, increase/decrease damage for any weapon and their projectiles, change projectile speeds of rockets, BFG blasts to name a few, give your server an even more custom feel with custom obituary messages, full visual weapon support (lastest vwep patches must be on both server and client), full GibStat support and QuakeWorld style fraglogging, even simultaneous recording methods are possible, fully customizable HUD and scoreboard style, weapon banning, MOTD, set up your own custom start weapons, start items (quad, invulnerability, rebreather, silencer and enviro suit), start ammo, and start health, set max values for ammo & health, set new timelimits for quad, invulnerability, rebreather, etc, auto start with invulnerability option to help protect users entering level or those who just dies with adjustable time limit feature, the list goes on....

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