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The version 3.3 patch is out for those Windows 9x/NT users running version 3.2 of ServerConfigMOD! This patch fixes the IP Filtering routine by adding in the check upon a client connect. Download it today!

YES, v3.2 is out!

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What's been fixed and added since 3.0...
* High score file error checking (3.2)
* IP Filtering *NEW, FIXED (3.3)*
* Chat flood protection (3.2)
* Fixed a Server Throttling issue
* Dynamic creation or update of HIGH SCORES per level!
* Fully functional and bugfree IN GAME Chase Cam!
* MOTD accesible to players both in and out of game.
* Much more... Just take a look at the Docs below
* Fast Weapon change capability!

Download the latest build (NOW v3.2) then get the latest 3.3 patch for IP Filtering!

Already have v3.2 you say? Grab the 3.3 DLL only update for those already running Win9x/NT versions of 3.2, Linux update coming soon!

Get the GAMESPY tab here or on the downloads page, then load up your Gamespy and select View, Custom Tab, Import and select the ServerConfigMOD.qst file you just downloaded. That's It!

* Download/Read the ServerConfigMOD v3.2/3.3 Text File (35k)
* Download the ServerConfigMOD v3.2/3.3 Word Document (80k)

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Visual Front End coming soon!

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