Noel "Taltos" Weer
Keeps LaRd and Hal under control.

Name: Noel Weer
Description: Level designer
Project: Multi-Map "unit"
Last Updated: 03/10/1998 08:55:00 (Central Standard Time)
Been awhile.
Been busy.
The site has been active again. First of several interviews has rolled out, the mailing list has gotten psyched bout an interesting DM level collaborative idea. I have continued to learn and play with this Q2 editing. I am working on a DM level that is my first effort to build without using a single light entity, and actually getting some nice shadows out of it. Don't know how good it will be, but it is "Gom Jabbar" so if you see it, let me know.
The Hub is proceeding well: renamed my single player level for it to "Foetus," Hal9000 has the "Central Core" looking pretty spif, and the editor to be named later is doing some awesome work on his part. Makes me want to redo whole sections of mine... but instead I'll just save it for later levels... :)

qED Prefab Park is running well. I was psyched to see it cause it was devoted to my fav editor, qED, but it is way better now cause he has started putting the prefabs in Qoole and now WC format. Go visit. I have started submitting some things myself, and want to see others do so too. Nothing wrong with a little prefab work from time to time... :)

Hi all. Interesting tidbits here and there with me. Been working in RL like a dog. As fast as I learn, I end up still looking like a dolt. :) But the nasty big move of all the computers succeeded better than I had planned, so I looked like a smartie.
Now to the editing:
Working on a cheesy little DM level that has received some positive response on the mailing list. At least enough that I am going to keep at it.
My contribution to the Hub Set is near beta. Definite screenshots soon, and list gets a full peak any day now.
Have a cool idea forming from seeing the new sky textures over at DECONSTRUCT. They are awesome in idea, a bit less so in appearance within the game... but worth a level concept.
My work for the software company I am working on the side for takes an interesting turn this weekend. I am turning in a full submission, in both Q1 and Q2 format. Should be.... interesting.
I plan to breath in there some place too :) Got the day off from work tomorrow, should be editing heaven.
Until next time....

Ah, my newly upgraded computer is back into my hands and nearly restored to normal. Let me tell you, 64meg of memory is the way to edit.
If all goes well today, I should have some screenshots up this weekend of my level for the Hub set.
Oh, and Happy Valentine's.
02/14/1998 08:55:00
Heh! A cheesy little plan file. I feel so... keen.
Anyway, in the editing world of Taltos:

I am currently in major RL crush. I am a network admin for a network that is based out of a building my company is going to sell and they are making me relocate the entire thing across town next week. This is not fun. This sucks. This mucho work and I will dance the happy dance when it all works the way it is supposed to.
When I can find the time, I am working on levels for a software company for an projected game for release for next Christmas. Interesting. Some fun editing toys and it is cool working with a project mindset and many diverse inputs to the process. Maybe once we get further along and more official I can release some info here.
I am also working on the big "unit" project with Hal8999+1 and one other "editer to be named later" (we got him in a trade for a middle relief left-hander and a starting shortstop). Should be cool. We look to get a few teaser screenshots available soon. No idea when the beta will be....
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