Jailbreak Editing Info contributed by Jon Renner.

JailBreak map editing is not much more complicated than making normal Q2 maps. 

If any of the information below is not clear taking a look at the .map source for JB2 might help.  - map2.zip


The Following entites are NEW in JailBreak:

    (1=red team, 2=blue team)

These are all spawn points, which act much like DM spawn points - except that they are team based. (i.e. an info_team1_start entity is a starting/spawning point for a player on red team when they connect or are executed, an info_team1_jail is where a red player appears after they have been killed, so info_team1_jail should be placed in the prison that red players stay in, and blue players guard.)






Trigger_Jail   - this entity comes in two forms, one without a spawnflags setting, and one with a spawnflags setting of '64'.   Trigger_Jail is an applied entity that should be put on a brush the player walks THROUGH WHILE they are getting OUT of Jail. 

Trigger_Jail (spawnflags = 64)  - this version of Trigger_Jail is applied to a brush the player should pass THROUGH AS they enter the Jail.  a good place to put this is on the floor of the jail, so that as soon as a player hits the ground of the jail it goes off.


  • Do not place the Trigger_Jail and the Trigger_Jail(64) next to each other, a player should not be able to touch both at the same time (bad things will happen, if any of you remember the early paxjb1)
  • Make sure that the player HAS to pass through these triggers to get in our out of Jail.  This includes escape routes.


The following entities were modified, enhanced, or changed by Jailbreak:

func_explosive  - a spawnflags of '8' will cause the explosive brush to respawn after the amount set in the key "wait"

(i.e. wait=8 means it will respawn 8 seconds after being destroyed.)