This is the page where you can show of your wonderful level that you've been making, all you will need to do is drop us a note (workshop) a screenshot of the level and a brief description about it and we'll try and get it posted here.

Please do not send us the level though, if you do there is a good chance it won't even get a screenshot posted at all :)

cos1_s.JPG (13941 bytes) A real good looking shot from the grin reaper, the level should be available in about 2-3 weeks, (homepage) | 50k |
Charlie sent along a shot of a level called "The Docking Station" which is due out in a few weeks
| 50k |
Set of 2 shots of a CTF pak that stecki is putting together, it should be out at the end of april hopefully
Same level pak but a different shot :)
Also check out his site for some cool sky's and player models.
Level by Matt Barnett with the .bsp weighing in at 5.5meg :), should be released soon
From my level that is going into the unit project with Hal9000 and "the editor to be named later."
Another from my level that is going into the unit project with Hal9000 and "the editor to be named later."
A cool looking shot of a football stadium which can be downloaded from here
| 69.5 Kb |
A level set in a dock area, more info at the users web site
| 11 Kb |
This is a level that I'm working on at the moment, it's a base style level and should be out "When it's done"
| 51.1 Kb |
THE-REAPHER is working on this level in which you have to destroy a nuclear-sub.
| 39.5 Kb |
Suicide20 passed these along, there from a SPQ2 levels he's doing that due out in about a week.
| 47.9 Kb |
Taskmaster let us have a couple of shots of the 4 level unit he's working on.
It's due out this weekend hopefully.
| 47.1 Kb |
Heres the second shot from one of Taskmaster's levels
| 52.2 Kb |
Brian Jensen sent this my way, it's at the early stages and brian said   he'll probably change things as time goes by :)  
| 70.1 Kb |
Hal 9000's intro map for the unit project with Noel and "the mapper to be named later."
| 40 Kb |
Copy sent us this shot of a Rocket Arena 2 map he's working on, it's also expected to be in the public release of RA2
| 288 Kb |
A shot of a 2 level unit that our friend John is working on, more info at John's homepage as well
| 39 Kb |
Wolfen from ravenges is working on this level called rebirth and looks kick-ass from the screenshot
| 48.2 Kb |
Another shot from Wolfens level
| 54 Kb |