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Level Reviewer's view
11 interviews the SPQ2 reviewer's that we could get our hands on.

Robert Duffy (QERadiant) 26.04.98)

During the recent release party of QERadiant we got Robert with a few questions about the latest release

Paul Jaquays (idsoftware) 13.03.98

We got to poke around in the head of Paul Jaquays again and see how he's coping now Quake2 is out :)

Robert Duffy (QERadiant) 08.03.98

Learn some tips and hints from the man that brought us QERadiant, Robert discusses some of the plans he has for the editor

Dave "Zoid" Kirsch 16.10.97

A talk about Threewave CTF along with Dave's role in creating CTF for Quake 2 and other work he is
involved in at id software.

Brandon "KillMe" James (idsoftware) 13.09.97

What more can i say,
I don't think we've had such a detailed interview for a while,
Even under the work load of Quake2, Brandon still found time to do this interview for us, Thanks

Paul Jaquays (id software) 29.07.97

One of the most informative interviews we have done in a long time, i was fortunate to be given the
chance to interview Paul and he gave us a lot of information about his backgrounnd and the current
development of Quake2.

American McGee (idsoftware) 06.06.97

This was the first big interview we did at the Quake Workshop and it turned out to be my favourite out
of them all :-), We get quite a good insight into the level design of Quake2 and a lot of good
information came out in this level