Script It!
Q2ND (Quake2 Name Maker)


So what does HotWire Software Development plan on doing next? You'll find out if you read below.

    HotWire Software Development recently changed its name from QND Software. Why did we change our name? well first of all Quake2's popularity is dying down a little bit so we decided to write a few other programs such as Script It! which is a Quake2 Scripting tool and bind wizard. We have also started Development in a Quake 3 Arena utility. The Q3A program is being kept quiet until Quake 3 Arena is released by ID Software. We are also moving to a Quake3 Arena site owned by the staff. Get HotWired!

We have released Q2NDv3.0 This is the NEWEST Quake2 Name Maker around and it also has added bonus Script It! v0.1 a OPEN BETA version of Script It!

HotWire Software Development 1998-1999, Formaly Known as QND Software