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Q2ND (Quake2 Name Maker)
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    What Exactly Is Q2ND?
Q2ND Is Name Tool For Quake2 That Lets You Use Those Weird Characters In Quake2.(Like in Quake1 You Can You The Gold Chars) Unfortunately ID Software Wrote Q2 So That You Can't Access Those Characters Like You Could In Quake With Just ASCII Chars, BUT Since Thedd The Author Of Viking Server Mod Created The Q2 Name Standard. Quake2 Names Have Been Enabled Within 2 Server Mods. RivCTF & Viking Server Mod.

     Q2ND Supports RivCTF, And Viking Server Mod Which Are The Only Known Server Mods With The FUNNAME Standard(Q2 FUNChars Enabled) The Q2 Chars Can Be Iniated With Either Q2ND.

Q2ND Will ONLY Work With These TWO Server Mods CURRENTLY, THOUGH Q2ND's "Standard" Name Animator Can ANIMATE ALL Servers Whether it is FunChat Enabled or Not.

Q2ND's "FUNNAME" Name Animation Will ONLY Work With the TWO Servers That Are FUNChar Enabled.

Q2ND is FREEWARE, Registration is also FREE. Thedd's Viking Server Mod We Also HIGHLY Recommend Downloading The GameSpy tab For RivCTF it can be Downloaded by Clicking Here!
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