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Posted by Elmek on April 29, 1998 at 20:47:13:

In Reply to: 3dsmax R2 converting back from .3ds via animation and so on posted by JaG on April 29, 1998 at 17:36:32:

(This is very sure you all know how to
do these things but im gonna write it anyway)

Besides max2 you'll need quake2modeller and a little
maxscript i wrote a weeks or so ago. The script can
be found on the tools section of
and is called IOUV.

Export all frames to 3ds format. The quickest way
is to use q2modeller and the nice feature of exporting
a entire model.

Export a .asc skinmesh of the model using q2modeller,
and write down the skin dimentions.

Import all 3ds files into max. Line them up so that
they are in sequence (just to keep track of the timeline)
For an entire model then i strongly recommend writing
a small script to import them. Its not hard, would prolly
be about 10-15 lines or so.

Set the fps to 10 and select the first model, clone it
and select the clone.

Run the script any import the mapping to this clone (read
the text file that comes with the script about how to do
that)...its very simple

Make a material with your skin (max2 does not read PCX)
and apply it to the clone. Now you should then have a
textured model frame.

Use this textured model to create a morph object.
create/Compound objects/Morph

Because you have set fps to 10 then you can now add
the remaining frames as morph targets, one target for
every animation frame (max animation frame). If you
want to make any changes in the animation (it would by
a vertex by vertex procedure probably) then make sure
you use the 'Instance' option for the targets.

Now set fps to 30 and play the animation and your

Works for me...hope it works for you


: Heres my Quarry fer the day:
: okay, i'll use the player model for an example.
: Now being how you cannot convert Tris.md2 2 tris.max
: you must import the frames one by one or by bulk to
: frame.3ds which can be read by both, now they save every
: frame not the entire model/animation of them
: which brings trouble, this makes the frames (as they are imported)
: seperate .3ds's which create new meshes aka: stand1.3ds/stand2.3ds etc.
: now here's the question:
: "how would one go about converting this mass of frames
: into one objekt which is animated the way the object was intended?
: To make them into their former object instead of just
: a mass of frames"

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